VJ Engineering is proud to be an approved supplier for the top leading Medical Equipment companies in the industry. Our capabilities include design assist and engineering support, qualifying products and manufacturing procedures, rapid prototyping, and volume production.

Tubing Adapters & Assemblies

     We manufacture from basic and simple to complex and sophisticated tubing assemblies.

Scope Adapters

     We co-design and build many scope adapters for sterilization purposes.

Connecting Links

     We machine a wide array of customized and standard metal connecting links with the highest quality.

     Our Luers are certified to the ISO standard.

Testing And Other Services

     We specialize in designing and building customized Air and Water Leak Test Fixtures. We provide Comprehensive Testing Services:

  • Design & Build a variety of Test Fixtures
  • Develop and Qualify Testing Procedure
  • Analyze and Report Testing Data

     We also offer Medical Pad Printing, Laser Engraving, and Clean Room Packaging services.